Fred is a cardboard rocking horse that can be easily assembled using a scalpel, a pencil and a ruler. It is made of 19 segments, brought together to form a solid and safe-to-use structure.
As children grow, toys are one of the most important tools of their upbringing and at the same time - those of a limited life span. They can be both educational and ecological. While play is a child’s right, toys and furniture are outgrown in a short period of time and thus often discarded. With this in mind, we designed a rocking chair, known to provide a sense of calm and balance, while encouraging development of the child's vestibular system.

It is suitable for kids from 3 to 5 years old, from 70 to 100 cm tall. It could be scaled, meaning its smaller or bigger version can be made.

Easy to assemble

Fred is designed so that it requires minimal effort, materials, time and tools to be assembled. Fred can easily be assembled using only a cardboard box and a scalpel. No additional adhesives or tools are required.
Nataša Njegovanović
& Pavel Posavec
NGO Cherfull smile