With background in industrial, graphic and digital design we fuse mediums, dimensions and scopes in our practice.
We adapt and tailor the design process according to our partners’ and clients’ needs. Sometimes that might be joining existing teams and delivering specific segments of the design project, while in other cases, taking on entire projects and develop products from scratch - from conceptualization to users.
We are enthusiastic to design products on the connection of technology, innovation, user needs and business that care for sustainability. No matter if the the end product is the industrial product in area of furniture, consumer electronics, service or experience concept, we are equally passionate to jump right on it. We want to deliver smart solutions for today as well as envision experience of tomorrow.
How we work
End to end design services
We help companies to create products and services by using design strategy and human centered design. To deliver best value, our design process is based on user research and insights, prototyping, engineering, branding, art direction and manufacturing support.
Start up partnerships
We are all up for good ideas, so we are ready to invest our skills and knowledge to help start-ups bringing their best out. We can support ideas and people with crowfunding campaigns, design, prototyping and production.
Self initiated projects
We are always exploring how design can create better experiences and respond to needs in more innovative and efficient ways. That is why we are always researching, experimenting and collaborating on new ideas which can turn out into new products and brands.

Holistic approach to design trough collaboration and experimentation.


Design research and discovery

We put a strong focus on research in the design process. By using different research strategies we map values, needs and opportunities for clients and customers. We inform the design process with insights and arguments that help solving real problems.


Cross-disciplinary culture

To inspire creative process and solve complex problems we collaborate with other professions to combine methods and knowledge through out the design process. Merging perspectives for us is key resource in building up design process, discovering otherwise overlooked connections.


Prototyping and testing

To deliver good product its important to test ideas, create functioning prototypes, do test rigs and user testing. That is how we can test efficiency as well as possibilities for improvement before the product hits the markets.


From full scale to the smallest detail

Good design is not only about how design is used, but also about how it is produced, delivered and experienced daily. It's about creating useful and long-lasting design for people who use it, and rational design for producers and environment.


Industrial Design


User Research

Product Design

Art Direction




User Research



Interactive design
User experience
Research & Strategy
Product & Brand Strategy
Auditing & Optimisation
Content Strategy
Industrial Design
Spatial design
Creative direction